What You Need to Know about a One Way Car Rental

A one way car rental is the perfect option for long distance travel whether it be for business of pleasure. This type of rental allows you to collect the car from your departure location and return it to another depot in the country. This means that you do not have to return the car to the original rental location, which is very important if your final destination is a long way from where you start your trip! Most nationwide rental companies offer this type of rental lease, but smaller local dealers may not be able to provide this service.


As you now know the key advantage of this service is not needing to return the car to the original depot. This is perfect for a business trip, such as attending a conference in another state and flying home, or family vacation across the country. However, there are a number of other advantages. In most cases these include unlimited mileage, flexibility to change drop off location, flexibility to extend your rental and/or full roadside assistance if something goes wrong.


The biggest disadvantage of one way car rentals is the fact that they are a speciality service and usually cost more than a standard rental. This extra charge, often called a drop-off charge, not only compensates the company for the use of the vehicle, but to return or replace the vehicle to the original depot. Some companies also charge "hidden" fees, such as excess mileage fees, which can add extra cost to the rental car. Another disadvantage of this type of rental contract is that the company may restrict the type of vehicle that you can rent to one of their more common vehicles.

Avoiding Hidden Charges

Not all companies advertise the complete cost of renting a car. Some won't tell you about the extra charges until you turn up to rent your car and others "hide" extra charges in the small print, which can be a nasty shock when it comes to paying the final bill. These charges may include;

  • Excess (overage) mileage charges – Some companies offer only a certain amount of miles per day and charge extra for every mile over this limit.
  • Optional insurance coverage – Many companies will not cover a certain amount of damage to a vehicle in the event to an accident. You can choose to take out optional insurance to prevent this, but it can be quite costly.
  • Age restrictions – If the car will be driven by a driver under 25 or 21 an additional daily fee will usually apply.
  • Driver restrictions – Some agencies charge a fee for additional drivers.
  • Taxes/Airport Fee – If you are picking up your car from an airport and additional fee may apply. Taxes may also apply to rental vehicles in certain states/countries.
  • Peak/Seasonal surcharge – This may apply if you are hiring a car during a peak period, such as during summer vacation, or over a weekend.
  • Extras – All companies offer extras such as GPS navigation, child seats and storage racks. However, they all come with an extra charge!
  • Gasoline charges – If you return the vehicle with an empty gas tank you will be charged the cost of filling up the vehicle.


The most common discounts available for one way car rentals are coupons and member cards. Coupons are usually available online or in popular travel magazines. They can be used for both online and telephone bookings. Another great way to get a discount for this type of rental is to try and find a company looking to return a vehicle to its original destination. Some companies offer very cheap rental in these circumstances.

Making a booking

Making a booking for a car rental is easier than ever and in most cases it can be completed over the internet in a few minutes. However, for one way hire it is best to talk with your local rental agency via the phone or in person. The customer service representative will be able to cater for your special needs. This is also a good chance to ask any questions about the company, cost of hire, extra fees and/or charges, or how this type of rental works.

A one way rental is the best solution in many cases and although it can cost a little bit extra the convenience is well worth this cost. Remember to ask about any hidden fees and be aware of the total cost when choosing a company.


Make a Booking

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